Grow your Beauty Business with these Hot Tips :

Starting a lash and brow business doesn’t happen overnight. Many successful businesses constantly come up with innovative ideas and strategies to get new clients in and get them coming back over and over again. As a new business, it’s very important to learn how to market your services and get new clients. Here are some of the most effective ways to attract new customers for your starting business:

Start with word of mouth :

Ask help from friends and family and do their brows and lashes in return for a good review. They’ll become a walking advertisement of your work wherever they go. Hand them a bunch of business cards to share with their friends or give them your Instagram handle for a shoutout. If some of your friends have a large following on social media, offer to collaborate with them in exchange for free services.

Knowledge is key :

You may have the best marketing strategy in the world, if your service isn’t up to standards, clients will not be coming back. Therefore it’s important to follow accredited courses, educate yourself on how to best perform treatments and provide aftercare. Clients come to you because they need an expert to treat them, so stay up to date on the latest trends and techniques!

Share, share, share :

There is no such thing as communicating too much! Start up social media pages for your business and post as much as you can. Social media can be a powerful tool for local beauty artists, especially Instagram. Try to take before and after pictures of clients, share discounts or aftercare tips or even run a competition.

It’s important to be open and transparent as a business, so make sure your clients can easily find opening hours, holidays closures and price lists on every channel.

Consider Referral Programs :

Referral programs can be a quick and easy way to get more customers in. By incentivising referrals, you can thank customers for their loyalty while they bring more friends in. For instance, you could have clients book with a friend and get 15% off. This way your existing client will definitely come back as well.

Network with other Beauty Specialists :

The beauty industry is a big one, connecting with local nail technicians, hairdressers and more could help both parties to get more clients in. Set up business cards or flyers in each other studies, support each other on social media or even come up with cross-promotions. As long as they are mutually beneficial and no one gets taken advantage of!

Offer an Experience :

Really think about the customer experience from when a client books in for an appointment until they leave the door after a treatment. Is your booking system simple and automated? Does your studio offer them an escape from their busy lives?

Spending a little extra effort to keep your clients entertained is way easier than trying to find new clients every time. Many technicians also use a loyalty program, where clients get a discount after a certain amount of appointments.

Our Courses :

Thinking of starting your own beauty business? At Beautiful Brows and Lashes, we offer several eyebrows and eyelash treatment courses to become a fully qualified technician. Our half-day courses are held in Liverpool and are full of practical tips on how to grow your business from scratch.


For a full overview of our courses visit:

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