Get the Best Brows of Your Life

Beautiful and natural-looking eyebrows are one of the hottest beauty trends at the moment. Lucky for us, gorgeous brows aren't only a result of hitting the genetic lottery. Shaping eyebrows can be done by anyone and has evolved massively since over-plucking them in the early 2000s. Maintaining your brows is easier than you think, so here are our top eyebrow tips:

Brush it :

A quick brush on the eyebrows every day opens up your gaze and makes your face look a little more finished. Therefore, a simple eyebrow brush can make a big difference. When you brush your eyebrows, use small flicking motions in the direction of your hair growth to keep them natural.

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Tweeze it :

But don’t over pluck it! Tweezers are excellent for getting rid of stray hairs here and there, but they aren't your best option for eyebrow shaping. We do recommend plucking the middle every five days to prevent a uni-brow situation, make sure your pull by the root. Be careful when plucking the area above the brow, it’s better to stay below it.

Fill it :

Your eyebrows might have some sparse spots that need filling in. Use a brow powder and an angled brush to gradually colour these spots in. You may opt for a brow pencil, however, they tend to tint the eyebrows too heavily at once compared to powder.

Filling in your natural shape (which most of us need by the way) will help you find your perfect fullness. Try to start filling in at the arch area, then lightly wherever else is needed.

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Blend it :

Using too much product can often harshen your look. We recommend using a spoolie brush to diffuse it into your eyebrow. This will buff out any harsh lines with subtle back and forth motions. Again, always start from the arch, you want to keep the inside corners of your brows light on the product.

Keep it natural :

Embrace your natural beauty and rock what you’ve got. Your original shape and natural arch usually suits your face the best, it will just need a little bit of tweaking, brushing and filling in to make them stand out. Colour your eyebrows gradually as well, you want to find a good balance with your natural eyebrow tint instead of darkening them too much.

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