Beautiful Brows Course

Course cost: £500.00
Duration: 1 Day Course (Lunch not provided)
Pre-requisites: No previous experience required
Class Size: 4 to 6
Kit worth over £250.00 included

The Beautiful brows course teaches you a high precision treatment that can transform even the worst natural eyebrows into the perfect shape enhancing the eyes and balancing facial features. This is achieved using a unique seven step process first assessing the face shape, colouring and natural brows to determine the best result for your client.

Course contents:

Advantages and disadvantages, contra-indications, contra-actions, salon hygiene, personal presentation, vaccination, PPE, waste legislations, code of conduct and ethics, hair growth cycle, hair structure, shaping, tinting, waxing, threading, tweezing, trimming, blending, products required for treatment, face Shapes, eye Shapes, how to measure the eyebrow, consultation, patch test, procedure, the perfect picture and aftercare.

Kit contents:

1 x 250ml/8.4 US fl oz makeup remover, 1 x 250ml/8.4 US fl oz pre wax cleanser, 1 x 250ml/8.4 US fl oz after wax intensive lotion, 1 x 250ml/8.4 US fl oz after wax soother, 1 x 250ml/8.4 US fl oz wax remover, 1 x 100cc wax heater, 1 x 80g gelee white crème with coconut depilatory wax, 1 x soft grip eyebrow trimmers, 1 x soft grip eyebrow tweezers, 1 x 100 wax strips, 1 x beautiful brows professional pallet, 1 x large kit case, 1 x 1000 yard thread, 1 x 20ml natural tint, 1 x 20ml brown tint ,1 x 20ml middle brown tint, 1 x 20ml deep black tint, 1 x 50ml/1.7 US fl oz 3% 10 vol hydrogen peroxide, 1 x glass dappen dish, 1 x tint brush, 1 x brow defining brush, 1 x 25 disposable mascara wands, 5 x 20ml saline pods, 1 x 100 small spatulas, 5 pencils.

The 1-day training consists of both theory and practical elements. After attending the initial training, you will be required to practice the techniques you have learned and successfully complete 4 post course assignments before you are issued with a certificate of achievement accredited by ABT which will enable you to obtain the insurance required to offer your new skill to clients. We aim to provide high quality training with post course support at an affordable cost to benefit you and your business!


If you are unable to attend the course booked you must let us know a minimum of 14 days before the course date or your payment will not be refunded.