Discover BB’s NEW! range of HENNA-FREE Hybrid Brow Stains in 9 bespoke colours, mixable to create an infinite range of flawlessly matched shades. They are specially designed to be used straight after a brow lamination to achieve long-lasting vibrancy.

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Say hello to the insane brow stain...

We have dedicated time and research to developing an innovative 100% henna-free hybrid brow stain that can be used immediately after a lamination treatment. Our stain colours both the hair shaft and the root while creating a 3D effect on the skin for up to 7 weeks.

To ensure high-quality, vibrant treatments, BB’s Hybrid Stain must be used with BB's Hybrid Stain Developer, crafted with coconut oil and panthenol to obtain the best results in the shortest amount of time. Pairing the two products is vital for the longevity of your results as the formulas complement each other seamlessly. Trust us, this pair will have you believing in soul mates...

The BB Hybrid Stain formula is comprised of naturally occurring growth-enhancing ingredients packed with minerals, antioxidants and essential oils that nourish the hair and promote skin health.

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Himalayan water

The BB Hybrid Brow Stain is composed of filtered glacial water from the Himalayas, enriched with minerals and antioxidants that protect hair from damage. The water has a pH level that matches the human body, as well as a high concentration of magnesium, calcium and potassium to promote cell rejuvenation and encourage youthful, brighter skin.

Indian gooseberry

Gooseberry strengthens hair and promotes growth and shine. The powerful fruit extract has been used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine for centuries due to its magical anti-aging qualities and high vitamin C content, enhancing skin radiance and repairing skin damage.

Castor Oil

Castor oil promotes healthier hair and can boost hair growth rate. The oil also increases gloss and shine, leaving brows super soft and full of life.


In addition, there are 6 more Care & Protect ingredients...

•Saffron plant extract packed with antioxidants

•Aloe vera to moisturise hair and skin

•Chamomile oil for anti-inflammatory

•Propylene glycol for hair and skin hydration

•Rose essential oil for a sweet scent that promotes relaxation

•Lemon peel oil for antibacterial factors