Duo Lash & Brow Boost Growth Serum
Duo Lash & Brow Boost Growth Serum
Duo Lash & Brow Boost Growth Serum
Duo Lash & Brow Boost Growth Serum
Duo Lash & Brow Boost Growth Serum
Duo Lash & Brow Boost Growth Serum

Duo Lash & Brow Boost Growth Serum

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Grow brows and lashes to the max with our first ever Growth Serum…🤩

We have dedicated time and research into hair growth, allowing us to select the best ingredients to support the hair cycle and create a world-class product that really works. The serum is packed with intensely nourishing ingredients that are scientifically proven to grow hair faster and longer, meaning fuller brows and longer lashes are now only a stroke away…

By conditioning the hair follicles with deluxe natural ingredients, our Boost Serum supports hair growth by prolonging the anagen phase of the growth cycle, aka the active growth phase. This causes brows and lashes to grow to lengths you never knew were possible, as well as strengthening, volumizing and enriching the strands with nutrients. 

The ingredients

  • Biopeptides: the organic molecules increase hair follicle size to cause thicker, fuller strands to grow. It encourages hair growth by producing new cells.
  • Fuji Mulberry Root Extract: extracted from mulberry root bark, this natural ingredient is renowned in scalp tonics for hair growth. It is the key ingredient in our Boost Serum. The extract prolongs the anagen phase of the growth cycle, encouraging strands to grow longer, thicker, fuller and stronger.
  • Flavonoids: used in herbal medicine, this natural substance grows hair at a rapid rate. It shortens the period of transition between the resting and growth phases of the hair cycle.

The study

  • 96% of women who were given two daily doses of our Boost Serum saw an improvement in their lashes after 4 weeks
  • 89% of women found that their lashes had lengthened after 8 weeks
  • 64% of women found that their lashes were more volumised after 8 weeks
  • Participants also commented on reduced hair fall, new lash growth and longer length


  • Promotes longer lashes and fuller brows
  • Packed with natural, organic ingredients
  • Visible results in up to 4 weeks
  • Easy application with a non-sticky, lightweight formula

Why you'll love it!

With soft and easy application, our Boost Serum will give you bolder, fuller brows and lashes in as little as 4 weeks! Boost your confidence and grow your brows and lashes to dreamy lengths...💖

How to use:

Use twice daily for 8 weeks: once in the morning and once in the evening on clean, dry skin (remove all makeup before use). Coat the brow roots and lash line.

** 100% money-back guarantee if no improvement in brows or lashes is seen after 3 months of continuous use. ** 

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