Hybrid Stain LIQUID Developer

Hybrid Stain LIQUID Developer

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Hybrid Stain Liquid Developer

The latest launch in the Hybrid Stain range…

Our NEW Hybrid Stain Liquid Developer creates a thinner consistency Hybrid Stain. Now you can choose between a liquid or cream activator – whichever your preference! The water-like texture is perfect for a more subtle stain, creating a clean girl aesthetic for clients wanting a more low-key style.

The liquified formula is suitable for a handheld airbrush machine, giving a flawless spray finish. Simply mix the Hybrid Stain and Liquid Developer with a ratio of 2:1 and dispense into your airbrush gun.

Clean girl brows have never been easier... ✨


  • Designed for use with BB's Hybrid Stain
  • Compatible with a handheld airbrush machine
  • Thinner consistency
  • Long-lasting staining power
  • 100ml

Why you'll love it!

BB's Liquid Developer creates a thinner Hybrid Stain formula for a more natural brow look. It is ideal for clients wanting low-maintenance, soft-looking brows!

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