30ml Lash Cleanser x 10 (Wholesale)
30ml Lash Cleanser x 10 (Wholesale)

30ml Lash Cleanser x 10 (Wholesale)

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Prep, polish, purify…

BB’s gentle foam cleanser removes all makeup, oil and bacteria from the lash area to create a clean canvas for lifts and extensions. Rinsing the area free from residue prolongs the life of treatments, meaning your client’s lashes will stun for even longer.

Make sure to dry the area before starting treatment.


  • Creates a fresh base
  • Keeps lashes clean and healthy after treatment
  • Helps treatments last longer
  • 30ml

Why you’ll love it!

Your client’s skin will look and feel clean and refreshed, allowing you to perform the highest quality of treatment possible.

For the best results, use with BB’s lash cleansing brush.

Retail to clients at £10

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