Hybrid Stain Developer

Hybrid Stain Developer

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Introducing your Hybrid Brow Stain’s best friend 🖤

The BB Hybrid Stain Developer is made to work seamlessly with our NEW! Hybrid Brow Stain, with formulas crafted to blend perfectly together and create results that are long-lasting, vibrant and make brows go WOW…  

Simply mix 2 drops of BB Hybrid Stain Developer with 4 drops of BB Hybrid Brow Stain, mix thoroughly in your BB Mixing Palette and tint your client’s brows to perfection!


  • Made with coconut oil & panthenol
  • Made for use with the BB Hybrid Brow Stain
  • 100ml 

Why you’ll love it!

Infused with coconut oil and panthenol, the BB Hybrid Stain Developer is hydrating and nourishing for the brow hair. Not only will brows be left feeling fresh, but pairing our Hybrid Brow Stain with our Hybrid Stain Developer will have you believing in soul mates…


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