Lash Cleanser + Brush Set
Lash Cleanser + Brush Set

Lash Cleanser + Brush Set

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Prep, polish, purify☁️💧

Our gentle Foam Cleanser removes all makeup, oil and bacteria to create a clean canvas for treatments. The brush is made of dense bristles, meaning it gets in between every brow hair to ensure optimum cleanliness. Cleansing the area from residue prolongs the life of treatments, meaning your clients' satisfaction will only increase!

Ensure to dry the area before starting treatment by fanning out brows/lashes or using a cooling fan.


  • Creates a fresh lash/brow base
  • Keeps lash extensions clean and healthy after treatment
  • Helps treatments last longer
  • 100ml

Why you'll love it!

Your client's skin will look and feel clean and fresh, allowing you to perform the highest quality of treatment possible.

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