BUNDLE: DUO Bonding Serum
BUNDLE: DUO Bonding Serum
BUNDLE: DUO Bonding Serum

BUNDLE: DUO Bonding Serum

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Our multi-purpose bonding serum holds hairs in place with a clear, non-toxic adhesive. It is gentle and harmless; it does not damage or disfigure lashes or brows. 

Store the bonder in a cool, dry place and keep it upright. Remove any build-up from the opening of the bottle to keep it clean; this will reduce the serum's exposure to air, which will stop it from drying out.

For brows: used to straighten hairs upwards to avoid overprocessing the brow tips. 

For lashes: used for bonding the shield to the eyelid, and the lashes to the shield.


  • Non-toxic
  • Transparent
  • Gentle and kind to lashes and brows
  • 5ml 

Why you’ll love it!

To ensure brows and lashes are bonded sufficiently, the quality of the serum is important. This is why we have dedicated research into crafting a safe, gentle formula with super strength adhering powers! 💪

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