Premium Marketing Bundle

Premium Marketing Bundle

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Marketing bundle


Do you want to elevate your business?


Wall art and advertising can revamp your workspace and drive customer engagement. This is the ultimate marketing bundle to showcase your services and products to clients and potential customers! Promoting the BB lamination system will make your salon more eye-catching and add a professional edge to its interior.


What's included?

  • 1 x BB branded Lash & Brow Bomb plaque (with mounts)
  • 2 x A3 Lash & Brow Bomb posters
  • 1 x Lash & Brow Bomb window sticker

Why you'll love it!


Our high-quality acrylic plaque can be hung as an exterior or interior item, decorate both inside & outside your salon! The gloss-finish posters are ideal for bringing style to your space, and the re-stickable window sticker encourages new clientele. No salon is complete without this bundle...

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